L Floral Studio is a designer flower shop. We are different from other flower shops because of our process. We order our flowers direct from the source. Every arrangement has it’s own unique design for your individual occasion. With our vast experience, no detail goes unnoticed.  Our cooler is always full of a fresh combination of traditional, seasonal and unexpected flowers. Call us when you need flowers for your loved ones, stop in the shop for a seasonal bouquet, or make an appointment for a consultation, we do it all.

Lori Tolbert is the owner and designer of L Floral Studio.  Lori has a background in art and color. She has been designing flowers for over 35 years.  At a very young age, she made hollyhock dolls with her grandmother, and this inspired her love of flowers.  She appreciates what nature creates, and is grateful to design with beautiful flowers everyday.  Lori wanted a shop that would pay attention to all the details.  L Floral Studio upholds that and every arrangement has some element you would not expect to see.

Delene Bowler is the buyer, designer and coordinator of L Floral Studio. She has over 20 years of experience in the floral industry. As a wholesale flower buyer in the Salt Lake area she made sure all the major events had the correct flowers. Because of this background, it made sense to come and work with Lori. Her goal is to find unique flowers, that enhance each arrangement. Delene has always had a love of flowers and appreciation of the artistry.  She is excited to create, design and keep everything organized at L Floral Studio

L Floral Studio accomplishments – A brief history

Sundance Film Festival, Academy Award party at the Peterson Automotive Museum, galas for political, religious and community leaders, weddings in every venue and location in the Salt Lake, Park City, and surrounding areas, Noah’s Event Venue, and previously worked with Millennial Falls Reception Center for over 13 years.