Characteristics necessary for it industry job

Web Developer

General skills: e.g.

  • Interpersonal skills

Talking to and coping with customers and clients is important for a web developer in order for them to learn what sort of work they’ll be doing. Along with what software they will have to use in order to complete the work that has been given to them along with this the web developer should make a set selling price for the work they do for your client and other costumers.

As well as talking with costumers the net, developer will also need to be able to talk to other employees from additional networks with office buildings across Europe or even the world. And also with their companies on what tasks ought to be done also to see what function are occurring if any.

Along with working with high end clients web designers also use clients in the general public which implies that technical language is not as useful here meaning that the web programmer must talk employing vocabulary that the client should be able to understand. Along with this, web developers likewise work privately for companies and doing extra function for the firms that they function for as well as third sector organisations and charities.

A web developers clients can range from tiny ecommerce businesses up to nationwide enterprises, this implies that the work they do will change in difficulty as a national organization will have higher necessities were as a little businesses will have simple needs which might not require high end software to complete.

  • Problem solving

A web developer must also be a good problem solver as if there are issues with the packages or the duty that has been set they are able to quickly rectify it. Together with this having the capacity to solve issues with programming software. It also comes in convenient when putting out fresh ideas and products when there is any design flaws.

  • Time management

A web developer must also have good time control skills with regards to deadlines for work assignments. In addition to this time management is an effective skill for in terms of meeting clientele and for job meetings.

  • Team working

As a web programmer, you must manage to work efficiently and efficiently with co-workers and different programmers along with putting forwards ideas for new models and programming software packages.

  • Creativity

Being imaginative as a web developer is a significant skill as it could lead to unique ways of tackling problems in your projects or with regards to the design aspect of the work. Along with this, it helps when talking with clients when deciding what they need and how they might like it designed. Additionally creativity could help when using code.

Functional Abilities: e.g. communication and numeracy skills involve

Basic typing skills, which will help with communication

Basic programming abilities, these involve numeracy skills

Above average individual of standard Microsoft applications such as excel etc.

Good communication expertise, both written and verbal

Strong problem solving skills

Good understanding of IT

Proactive and motivated to learn

Industry certain: e.g. technical expertise, working procedures and practices and health and safety knowledge

Technical knowledge is significant in the IT industry especially for web developers, along with General It again knowledge. Most web designers require specific skills in certain technical areas for web developers would be required to have experience with the software they use to create the their work else they might not be as productive compared to an extremely experienced developer.

Working Procedures

Employers will require the net developer to be aware of procedures and practices and also to know about all typical working procedures in the relevant It all industry. This means that there are specific rules, based on legislation, that regulate how work is completed as well as what’s allowed to be talked about beyond work.

The Employer and the net developer will need to be aware of certain legislation that applies to IT, such as for example data protection and the laws of copyright. IT employers want to make sure that their firm or organisation does not break regulations, so they need the net developer to understand their tasks in these areas.

Health and Safety

"The Health and Safety at the job Act 1974 lays down wide-ranging duties on employers. Companies must protect the ‘health and wellbeing, safety and welfare’ at work of all web developer, and also others on the premises, including temps, casual workers, the self-employed, clientele, visitors and the general public."

The above quotation demonstrates all employers are in charge of the health and safety together with welfare of the web developer.

Employers will want all their employees to have some understanding of the legislation, so that they are aware of their responsibilities beneath the Health insurance and Safety Act 1974 and also to understand how to be safe in the work place, and report to the employer any concerns.



Being in a position to complete tasks and produce deadlines without help from other web developers and co-workers. Performing as a game designer there might be some tasks that require independent work it is necessary in order to complete these tasks frequently without help or assistance from other workers and web designers.


Being able to complete duties without the intension of giving up and doing the duty to the highest possible common the professional is capable of. Working as an IT technician there are quite often tasks which can be extremely hard and demanding it’s important that the professional helps to keep trying, focuses on the duty set, and completes it to the best of their ability.


The quality to be honest and having good moral principles. In addition, being regarded as trust worthy whilst coping with important tasks also to be trusted with crucial products and events. Pursuing your moral convictions and undertaking the right part of all work instances.


Leadership qualities are essential in the IT sector as people who work very well in groups are often needed in the It all industry leadership can often be linked in with great planning and organisation together with taking the initiative persons who’ve good leadership skills tend to be good in terms of leading tasks.


Confidence is a rather important skill to have got when working in the IT industry. Jobs need you to have sensible levels of confidence but not to become to over confident. choosing the best balance is major when employed in the IT industry for instance if the Web programmer is to confident the likelihood that their job won’t be completed because of the fact that they haveƂ a limited amount of expertise to manage this task they may be fired .


In the IT industry, self-motivation is an integral skill in the work place. Making sure that all web developers will work efficiently and productively instead of laying around doing little bits of work occasionally and not getting a lot down over all. It is all so an integral skill when it comes to teamwork based tasks as when your group members see that you are motivated they may notice this and gradually become motivated.

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